Named for the designer’s sister, Cara is simplicity with a dash of understated sophistication, presenting a fresh collection of organically-shaped silver & gold set stones. Like a kindred soul or good friend at your back, Cara will become a beloved signature piece to be worn everyday, alone or layered with your favorite Goldhenn items.

Foremost to Goldhenn is the Reliquary collection. Nest like reliquary settings are modified to fit each individual  stone, cradling its singular nature while
amplifying its grace. Completely unique, bold and imperfectly perfect, Reliquary is for the woman who is celebrated for her strength, creativity and discerning sense of style, each piece symbolizing our distinct unwavering nature.

Elegant and feminine, the Empire Collection enshrines heavily included, rough and tumble diamonds in precious metals. The cornerstone of this collection is the raw & simple elegance of natural tone.  Each piece inspired, yet tempered by the unique shape and characteristics of the diamond it serves to house & protect, exalting its natural beauty. These ethically mined centerpieces offer an alternative tantamount to commonplace precision-cut diamonds; the conscious diamond, a modern tradition for contemporary women.