I began my career in 2000 apprenticing at a high-end jewelry atelier in Santa Fe, New Mexico after obtaining my BFA in Jewelry Design & Metalsmithing from the University of Michigan. My experience sitting at the bench was followed by years of designing private label collections from trend to fashion, which included traveling the world sourcing materials and being the liaison between the factory and the retailers. I discovered my passion for gems and jewelry was not only to create beautiful pieces but also to source consciously, to create relationships with & sustainability for my vendors, my clients and myself. This led me to take the leap of faith and found Goldhenn in 2012, a platform that aligned these principles and allows my creativity and business acumen to flourish. I handpick each component designing around the materials and stones, as opposed to cutting them to fit into an existing model. This not only enhances the character of the materials, it echoes the philosophy behind Goldhenn. When you wear a piece of Goldhenn you will know it is as unique as you are. We are all perfectly imperfect. We are all unique. There is grace in accepting flaws, the acceptance will teach & transform. You’re GOLDHENN.


"You're GOLDEN"

A common and encouraging pleasantry exchanged between Meaghan & her close friend Emily.

Combined with a her moniker it inspired the primary theme & name for her brand.

Be, BOLD, be unique, be Goldhenn.