“I love seeing new pieces from Goldhenn, because Meaghan has an amazing ability to transform raw stones into pieces that are rustic in style and yet delicate; interesting and yet elegant.”
— Carla Hall
“What can I say about Goldhenn Jewelry, but that I absolutely love and adore it. Each piece is unique, special and, of course, beautiful. Even with all the individuality of each piece, my favorite part is how easily the pieces go together. I can effortlessly layer the pieces to create a deeper, bolder look. I often wear 4-5 of my Goldhenn necklaces together. The wonderful combination of vibrant colors, create beautiful contrasts and complements. I wear my Goldhenn jewelry when I’m dressed up or in jeans and a t-shirt...it looks gorgeous with both. I have never worn a piece of Goldhenn jewelry and not gotten a compliment on it. The beauty, the versatility, the full color palette of Goldhenn pieces speak for themselves.”
— Adrienne
“I think what I love the most about my Goldhenn Jewelry is how adaptable they are - they can go casual or more formal depending on what I’m wearing. I travel a lot and, on every single trip, I always get compliments on how unique and pretty the peices are. I love that each of the peices are different, but still somehow go together. Each peice can stand alone or be layered with others for a more dramatic look.”
— Andie
“When I married my best friend of 14 years he gave me the most beautiful, elegant black diamond necklace. I wear it all the time now and get compliments on it nearly everyday and when I do it makes me realize how lucky I am.”
— Alex
WOW & Thank You!! Every piece of “perfect imperfections” I have from Goldhenn Jewelry is absolutely amazing! I get daily compliments on my rings, earrings, bangles & necklace. The Best!
— Arta
“I love my goldhenn pieces!! I feel confident and beautiful when I wear my pieces and they complete virtually any look in my closet - casual or haute couture.”
— Cara
“OBSESSED with the chrysoprase ring I got from you at the grand central holiday market heart emoticon havent taken it off since heart emoticon thank you!!!”
— Lisa
I wear my Goldhenn jewelry nearly everyday. The layered look of raw diamonds, a stunning pink sapphire, and several sequined necklaces from the suki collection are it for me. What I love is the versatility of these pieces. They look as fabulous with a pair of faded jeans and white shirt as they do with a designer dress and heels. It is rare for me to go through an entire day without someone stopping me to ask where I found this fabulous jewelry. I just reply “Goldhenn.”
— Stacy